A Man Asked Me For Direction, Immediately I Spoke To Him, I Found Myself In His House’ – Lady Narrates

A Nigerian woman has shared a rather shocking story how she landed in a man’s house after he asked her for direction. 

A woman has taken to Twitter to claim that she found herself at a man’s house after he asked her of direction. Olawaseun took to her Twitter page to narrate that she lost her senses and found herself in a man’s house after the man had requested direction. The man had implored her to go home and her mother’s pieces of jewelry. Fortunately for her, on her way home, she regained her senses. Here’s what she tweeted; “This reminds me of the day a stranger asked me for direction & the minute I spoke to him, I lost my senses. I found myself in his house and he asked me to go home to bring back my mum’s jewelry box. I regained sanity on my way home. What if he killed me there? May God save us”.