How telecom mast is causing distress to Badagry family

How telecom mast is causing distress to Badagry family

For Ayo Folarin, being a landlord at Kelani Olaniyi Street, Toga-Zanmu, Badagry, Lagos, has brought more hardship than comfort for him and his family.

Mr Folarin, 55, lives with his wife and five children at Toga-Zanmu village in Badagry, “in what he called an escape from tenancy and killing house rents of Lagos.”

Mr Folarin said building his house at Toga-Zanmu has been one of his greatest achievements. This excitement has, however, been marred by the citing of a telecom mast behind his house, causing him distress.

“When the generator powering the mast is on, my house vibrates non-stop. The smoke of the generator enters the house, this is causing health problems for my family.

“My wife is unable to sleep in the house, her mind is never at rest, two of my young children have developed high blood pressure,” Mr Folarin lamented.

Mr Folarin told PREMIUM TIMES that his children – aged eight and 12 – have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. He did not provide proof but said they were told at the hospital.