Check Out What a Man Did To His 16-Year-Old Wife After Discovering She Was Pregnant For Another Man

Check Out What a Man Did To His

What is the world turning into? There are things like integrity, honour and respect that were valued in the olden days that people neglect now. Children of nowadays are unpredictable, parents need to be careful how and where they raise their kids as the world is full of corruption.

A lady identified as Akinnawonu Ilesanmi Oluwademilade has taken it to her Twitter account to share a sad story that she happened to have witnessed, according to her a man was seen beating his 16-year-old wife after he found out that she sleeps with her another guy (maybe her boyfriend), this happens in his house whenever he is not around and unfortunately for the girl, she became pregnant. But prior to this, the girl already had four children before he married her and he is taking care of the children.